Naabeeho gi: (by Mr. Delrey Redhair, former Diné Studies Instructor)

In English: (written by Mr. Jack Begay, Director of Technology)

Hello and welcome to all parents, teachers, students and guests to our new website. We hope you can stay awhile and see what Rough Rock Community School has to offer. Our Faculty and Staff will be happy to hear that you stopped by to visit us...

As we look back at our years here at Rough Rock Community School, we have many people to thank. Our elders have always stressed the importance of heritage, tradition and culture, our teachers have challenged our minds, our parents have been encouraging of our efforts, and our classmates by our sides in friendship and support. All have come together to provide us with a foundation for the future, a foundation for us to build upon, which is why the mission of our School is to focus on the Diné Fundamental beliefs of Knowledge, Planning, Harmony, and Hope; we will walk in beauty.

Rough Rock Community School:

Rough Rock Community School (RRCS), formerly Rough Rock Demonstration School (RRDS), was founded in 1965. The Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) discussed the idea of a school which would help the Navajo people maintain and preserve their culture and heritage, and obtain a quality education at the same time.

During the early years (mid to late 60's), the school was funded by BIA, but controlled locally. However, several changes occurred which changed the status of the school.

The first change was due to Public Law 93-638 called the Indian Self Determination Act. It provided Indian Tribes with the ability to contract for services formerly carried out by a federal agency. Under the provisions of this law, RRCS became a Contract School in 1978. The second change occurred when RRCS applied for and received Grant status under Public Law 100-297. The school name has also changed, since it is no longer a demonstration project. It is now called Rough Rock Community School.

Rough Rock Community School strives to give its students the best education possible. An education which will instill a sense of responsibility in our students to the world around them. Our plan is to get them ready for the real world and create an awareness of the opportunities that await them.

Progress has always been at Rough Rock Community School. The photos you see on this page is an example of how the school is always at the forefront of change.

The new high school library was recently opened. The new library has over 30 computers throughout the building and they are all connected to the Internet on a high-speed computer network. Every student here at Rough Rock Community School is assigned a computer account they use to access the computers. A "roaming profile" allows the students to access their files from any computer on campus without the need for storage devices.

Mrs. Vividha Khare is our librarian for all three schools and he can be reached by electronic mail (E-mail) at Vividha.Khare@roughrock.k12.az.us if you have any questions about the new library.