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Welcome to Rough Rock Community School,


The students who wish to enroll at Rough Rock Elementary School must meet the following conditions and requirements. The Principal along with administrative team members of Rough Rock Elementary School will screen all new enrollees or transferees. The Principal has the authority to waive any or all the conditions in paragraph A - D. The Principal will make a decision on all admissions request based on individual and family circumstances. The recommendation for acceptance or denial will be based on following, but not limited to the following conditions:

A. If a dorm student, is there room available? Day students will be assessed on the below criteria.


B. Students should enroll within the first two (2) weeks of each semester. Student's that transfer after the first two weeks will be accepted if they are transferring from another elementary school directly into Rough Rock and they meet the requirements in paragraph C.


1. Students enrolling from another school MUST have grades from the previous semester.


2. Students must bring ALL vital documents with them before the first day of attendance.


C. Accountability and responsibility: The student must be in good standing with their previous school with regard to academics and behavior. We will not accept students that have been expelled from a previous elementary school 'institution. Past suspensions will be considered for admittance depending on the severity of those suspensions.

Students who pass screening will be required to have the following before admittance:


A. Students should have current transcripts with transferable grades. Students that have not attended school in sometime should have past transcripts to make the enrollment a smooth transitional process.


B. Students should have good attendance. Any attendance issues from other schools may be reason to enter a student on contract.


C. Students must provide a birth certificate, social security card, release form, Certification of Indian Birth, immunization record, guardianship papers (if applicable), special classes, and any medical concerns. Web/Photo Release, Navajo Language Consent, Title VII, Home Language Survey, SPED Forms, and emergency check-out form, and dorm checkout form at the time of registration.


D. Residential students will also need to fill out the necessary forms for residing in the dormitory.


Rough Rock Community School

School Principal

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