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Questions and Answers

Parent question: Will my child be affected if they do not take the test?

Answer: No. Parents have the option of not allowing their child to take a test. It will not count against the child. It's a parental choice if they wish to have their child stay home. 


Parent question: Will my child be required to "make up" the test if they miss the state test this school year?

Answer: No. Students who do not take the test will not be required to make up the test. 


Parent question: Is this a school requirement for face to face testing?

Answer: No. The face to face requirement for testing is a federal requirement under ESSA and our school is following this federal mandate. Parents have a choice to send or have their child stay home during state testing. 


Parent question: Is this a school choice or a parent choice?

Answer: This decision is up to the parents to allow their child to take or not take the test. Parent choice. 


Parent question: Will my child be fed if I choose to send my child for testing? 

Answer: If you decide to send your to school for testing....the school will provide breakfast and lunch. 


Parent question: Can my child take the test at home?

Answer: Unfortunately not. The child cannot take the test while they are at home. The ESSA requirements only allow for the in person testing. Remember that a student who does not attend testing will not be penalized. Parents have the choice on this request.


Parent question: Who can I contact at the school to report that my child will be be testing?

Answer: Parents and guardians may contact the school sites (secretaries, registrar, counselor, and/or principal). They will take the information and relay this to the district.

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