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FACE Program

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The FACE program is available to prenatal to 5 year old children and their parent(s).  There are three programs within the FACE model: Home-base, Center-base, & Adult Education.  Each program has its own guidelines and requirements the school, students and families have to meet.  At RRCS, we have all three programs and offer all the components of FACE.


The goals of the FACE program are: to support parents/primary caregivers in their role as their child’s first and most influential teacher; to increase family literacy; to strengthen family-school-community connections; to promote the early identification and services to children with special needs; to increase parent participation in their child’s learning; to support and celebrate the unique cultural and linguistic diversity of each American Indian community served by the program; and to promote lifelong learning. Program services integrate language and culture in two settings: home and school.


Parent Educator – (928) 728-3798

Adult Educator – (928) 728-3797

FACE Teacher – (928) 728- 3796

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